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Freshly kneaded daily, our dough is made from top grade wheat flour and paired with uniquely formulated baking powder to achieve a dough mixture of optimal texture and moisture level. The dough is then delivered via refrigerated trucks to over 50 stalls islandwide where they are fried into tasty dough fritters on the spot.

Signature Foods


One of the signature items at DeliSnacks is our Youtiao, which is crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside, to give a delightful crunch with every bite you take. It is best paired with piping hot coffee, soy bean milk, congee or dessert.

Butterfly Bun

Generously sprinkled with white sesame seeds, the slightly sweet butterfly bun is crispy yet soft, making it one of the top favourites for both the young and old.

Banana Fritter

Commonly known as Goreng Pisang, which means fried bananas in Malay, our banana fritters are made from fully ripe bananas, which give them a deliciously sweet and creamy taste.

Salted Bun

Also known as Xian Jian Bing, the salted bun is simply made yet wonderfully tasty. It uses the flavourful five spice powder as one of its main ingredients to create a savoury snack that is suitable for any time of the day.

Red Bean Bun

Also known as Dou Sha Bing, each bun is filled with deliciously moist red bean paste, a well-liked traditional pastry filling. The red bean bun is a classic snack that never fails to satisfy the sweet tooth amongst us.

Traditional Favourites


Curry Puff

Combining wholesome vegetarian ingredients with aromatic curry spices all wrapped in a crispy puff.

Tapioca Cake

Made from fresh tapioca to deliver a springy texture and the right consistency.

Sweet Potato Fritter

Naturally tasting sweetness from sweet potato.

Yellow Bean Sesame Ball

Paired with classic yellow bean paste for a nostalgic taste.

Carrot Cake

Oriental style vegetarian carrot cake with an outer layer fried to the crisp.

Peanut Sesame Ball

Peanut fillings that deliver a crunch in every bite.

Tasty Delights

  • Spring Roll
  • Veggie Balls
  • 3-in-1 (Yam, Nian Gao, Sweet Potato)
  • Sweet Potato Sweet Cake
  • Green Bean Cake
  • QQ Ball

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