Loving Every Bite 美好食光

Started 20 years ago, DeliSnacks continues to draw people,  young and old, to our
stores till this very day, with our original tasting dough fritters.

Using dough that is freshly made daily, our dough fritters are fried on the spot so that
customers can enjoy them at their crispiest and tastiest.


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Where To Find Us

You may visit our stores located at various parts of Singapore.
Check us out today!

Share Our Success, Join Us Now

DeliSnacks welcomes entrepreneurs and franchisees seeking new business opportunities.
You can look forward to growing your business with us through the following support:


✔ Branding ✔ Start-up Support ✔ Research and Development
✔ Products ✔ On-going Support ✔ Marketing Communication
✔ Training and Operation Manual ✔ Cost Effectiveness ✔ Partnership Incentives

For more details, please take action and contact us!

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Contact Us

DeliAsia #01-03 1 Woodlands height Singapore 737859

Tel: +65 6752 2123 |  Fax: +65 6752 7828 |  Email: deliasia.order@koufu.com.sg

Leave us a message and our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.


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